OmniBrace-Posture Corrector Brace

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OmniBrace-Unisex Neoprene Full Back Posture Corrector

Ideal Complement to Osteoporosis Treatment or as a Lumbago, Kyphosis, Lumbar or Scoliosis Brace - Provides Support to Mid and Low Back and Keeps Shoulders Aligned



Posture corrector keeps your shoulders comfortably positioned



Posture support keeps tension off the mid and low back



Posture brace comes in S to XXL Sizes from 29" up to 49" waists



For supporting osteoporosis treatment or as lumbago, low back or scoliosis brace



Easy to use posture corrector can be worn by tweens, teens, adults & seniors!!


Tired of dealing with an aching, sore back or seeing photographs of yourself with rounded, slumped shoulders or poor, slouched posture? Did you know that the way you sit and stand every day could be the root cause of your problems? Many people suffer from back pain, stooped shoulders and rounded spines because they don't maintain ideal spinal alignment throughout the day. That doesn't mean that you have to spend every waking moment trying to sit straighter and keep your shoulders aligned. It just means that you need the OmniBrace Neoprene Deluxe Full Back Posture Corrector!

The OMNIBRACE Neoprene Posture Corrector is a full back posture corrector constructed out of durable, yet comfortable neoprene. The posture brace keeps your shoulders aligned for you, so you can maintain correct posture and keep pressure off your mid and lower back without even thinking about it.

The posture brace is offered in five sizes:

-Small for 75-85cm or 29-33" waist

- Medium for 85-95cm or 33-37" waist

- Large for 95-105cm or 37-41" waist

- XLarge for 105-115cm or 41-45" waist

- XX-Large for 115-125cm or 45-49" waist


Your waist should be measured around your belly button With five different sizes to choose from and a fully adjustable fit, this posture support can be worn by any man, woman or child with poor posture or back pain. It's even easy for seniors with limited dexterity or finger flexibility to use!

The full-back design of this posture corrector makes it ideal for addressing many types of posture and back problems. Wear it as a posture brace if you have to spend hours slumped over a computer to alleviate strain and help prevent back problems. Use it as a posture corrector to break bad slouching habits or rely on it to support osteoporosis treatment. This design is even doctor recommended for use as an osteochondrosis, pectus excavatum, kyphosis, lumbago, radiculitis or scoliosis brace. See how easy it can be to improve your posture and ease symptoms of back pain and spinal problems.

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