About Us


We are an American company and ship from the USA!

OmniBrace was founded in 2015 with the major aim of supplying clients with comfortable braces for diverse needs. We specialize in the sale of custom moulded braces, adjusting their fit, in order to provide comfort for the wearer. Our braces are made from a variety of materials such as neoprene, velcro, elastic, cotton/nylon, copper knitted cotton, moulded plastic, and metal. We cater for men and women of all ages and sizes; irrespective of your health condition, even pregnant women are not left out.

OmniBrace is particular about your specific needs hence our choice in providing braces that can be worn on different sections of the spine and other parts of the body. Our braces are super comfortable and are designed to alleviate pain and discomfort and also protect your body. OmniBrace offers you a wide range of health and personal care products that are carefully chosen after extensive research and quality control procedures have been met.

When you wear our braces, the movement of specific body parts is limited and it enables these parts to heal much faster. With our braces, your bones and muscles are kept in proper alignment and discomfort and stress on injured or painful body parts is reduced. We stock a wide variety of joint support braces made specifically for each body part, as well as sports support braces. We also have a line of TENS Electronic Pulse Therapy Units. These are great for pain relief and a host of other ailments.

OmniBrace has been well accepted in the market and has been selling fast on eBay with thousands of positive testimonials from clients. We are expanding and adding new products each month.